About the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association™                          


The Life Care Planning Law Firms Association is the first and only organization dedicated to supporting law firms that practice this innovation in elder law.

The Life Care Planning Law Firms Association is a national network of holistic law practices that offer legal services, care coordination and advocacy services to help elderly clients and their families navigate the health care and long-term care maze. In addition to providing education, networking and resources to firms that practice this unique specialty of law, the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association™ is a national advocate for quality care for elders, dedicated to raising public awareness about the physical, financial, and legal implications resulting from aging.


The LCP model of law practice was developed in the 1990s by Tennessee elder law attorney Timothy L. Takacs. Takacs had been promoting the life care planning practice model at National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) meetings and had begun teaching courses on how to implement this holistic, elder-centered approach to law practice. As more law firms adopted the LCP practice model, they realized that there was a need to provide ongoing support, resources, and guidance for themselves and firms that were new to Life Care Planning. In 2006, these law firms formed the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association to leverage their knowledge and experience and to promote LCP as an alternative to traditional asset-focused elder law. The Association held its first conference in Nashville.

The Mission   Empowering Life Care Planning Law Firms as they provide legal, financial, and health care advocacy services.

The Life Care Planning Law Firms Association will facilitate collaboration among members and associates, educate members and interested persons, and develop life care planning standards, practice tools and systems. The Life Care Planning Law Firms Association assists members in developing an elder-centered planning approach for clients and their families.